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Star Fantasy Vision "Mars"
来源 : 海豚互娱    时间 : 2016-12-29

National Geographic Channel Joint IMAGINE ENTERTAINMENT and RADICALMEDIA together to create an unprecedented interstellar science fiction visual feast "Mars era" series of documentary entertainment, interpretation of the first time when human fantasy adventure attempt to colonize the distant planet, the modern space science revolution dramatic setbacks and success.

Star Fantasy Vision

National Geographic premiere of "Mars Time", the story also occurs in the future and now, with Hollywood blockbuster plot and visual effects combined with first-class documentary skills to redefine the US drama, bringing a cohesive and exciting human colonization The story of Mars.


The current season a total of 6 sets, updated every Friday at 4 pm, to the current location updated to Episode 2. The combination of interviews, film-level drama and visual effects, and quality documentaries redefines television's narrative.

Star Fantasy Vision

In 2033, the first Mars manned spacecraft into the red planet's atmosphere, but Daedalus landing system failure, the crew members face life and death threats. Time to return to the present, the space exploration technology companies trying to land the world's first re-use of rockets to innovation and technology to help people reach the key to Mars.



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