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“Mars Alive” join the Gamescom, which provide the new demo
来源 :     时间 : 2017-10-25

“Mars Alive” join the CGS(Cologne Game Show), which provide the new demo

The story of Mars Alive happen at 28 years later. Human makes great progress which on space immigration. A plan called Square Monument Plan, which has already send almost one hundred persons to Mars. However, there is a extreme organization called Pure Blue Earth, which start to a deadly attack for immigration plan. Human hard-work achievement on Mars for decades which was vanished away in a overnight.


In the game, players as a survivor, will survive at tough environment on Mars, in the end escape from Mars. In this process, players will not only face the threat of decline of every body function, but also looking for the memory which lost in the blast. Find who you are.


Game producer indicate that this game doesn’t need players be heroes to save human or save Mars. Instead, players will explore every exist of life individual in a great background, meanwhile discuss artificial intelligence, human nature and emotion etc.


“Mars Alive” will appear at the end of 2017 on PlayStation platform to meet every players. We also have Xbox, PC platform version which is under developing.


2017 Gamescom address

China Game Company BoothHALL 3.2 D-022

Oasis Game BoothHall 2.1 A018;

Chengdu Game Company BoothHall 3 D-017G E4



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