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    • Senior 3D Animator
    • Chengdu
    • Art
    • 3
    • 2016-12-29
  • Responsibilities:

    1、As the company's 3D action design responsible person, leading AAA VR games and high-quality mobile game design and production of the action;
    2、Have good communication skills and spirit of cooperation, work seriously, the cause of the game creation has a persistent pursuit;
    3、Strict self-discipline, and have a certain management capacity, you can assign and acceptance of part of the work.

    Job requirements:

    1、Skilled use of 3Dmax or MAYA, familiar with skeletal animation, skin;
    2、On the action, have a deeper understanding of combat, full of creativity;
    3、Strong sense of responsibility, practical and stable, honest and dedicated, with excellent ability to work independently and teamwork;
    4、Love the game industry, the game has a strong interest in the host, willing to pay for the game industry efforts.

    Resume Email:
    Tel: 028-64911162
    Address: Chengdu High - tech Zone East Hope Tienhsiang Plaza 2-2506

    • Senior 3D special effects
    • Chengdu
    • Art
    • 3
    • 2016-12-29
    • Senior UI Designer
    • Chengdu
    • Art
    • 2
    • 2016-12-29

  • Resume Email :
  • Tel : 028-69411162
  • Address : East Hope Plaza Intertek,High-tech ZoneChengdu

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